Sedmikrásky, Véra Chytilová (1966) 
26th Oct 201321:481,663 notes

Exactly one month (four weeks) since I last saw him and I still miss him every day.

I’ve never felt this strong about anybody else.

If it’s not love, I don’t know what it is.

*Looks at me head to toe* “You look really nice today. You really do.”

You just made my whole week and it’s only Monday. Thanks, El.

Met a guy who seems really perfect on paper. Really smart, really talented, from a classy family, French-American, and possibly Jewish? If I google his last name, a bunch of people from Israel show up in the result. He’s probably the kind of person who would judge other people’s musical taste and I like that. Thing is, I don’t know if he’s even into girls.

My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola.


Barbie Anatomical Model. by Jason Freeny. See the process here.

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Those glasses! Those blue eyes. Those dimples. Good god, he is gorgeous. (God knows I don’t say that a lot about the series of dudes that the world/internet is collectively creaming their panties over. Looking at you, Tom Hiddleston.)
To be honest, I don’t really care about the Olympics or sports at all. I know Ryan Lochte is a gold medalist and he’s a big deal in the swimming world, but it’s not what won me over about him.
Some people say he’s like Michael Kelso—beautiful, but not the brightest crayon in the box. The evidences are his terrible interview skills and his Twitter account. English isn’t even my first language but I have better grammar and spelling than he does. It should really be a turn-off (if I know people like him in real life, I will likely be so irritated) but his ‘simplicity’ is what endears him to me. (It helps that he has an Adonis-like physique, too.) I admit that don’t know much about him, but from what I’ve seen, he seems to be a sweet guy. I disagree with people calling him a douchebag just because he wears grills and gives the impression of a frat bro. If you take away all that stuff, I think he really is harmless and well-intentioned.
He’s moving to LA after the Olympics. What are the chances that he’s gonna train at UCLA? (I saw Cristiano Ronaldo and the entire Real Madrid the other day when I went to my orientation, so…) If I know his whereabouts in LA, you bet your ass I’m gonna try to meet him there Stalker Sarah-style.
Oh, and one other thing. Lochte posts have become my favorite posts on ONTD. So much lulz and sexiness at the same time.
The Princess Diaries was on ABC Family this evening. It’s one of the few movies that I will never get tired of watching over and over again (pretty sure I’ve seen it more than ten times) and it’s probably the reason why I will never not love Anne Hathaway.


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